Scott’s Challenger Declares Stay-at-Home Orders Unconstitutional


Brookfield, Vermont, May 14, 2020: Republican candidate for Governor John Klar, an attorney, has issued a constitutional analysis which concludes that Governor Scott’s Executive Orders exceed his constitutional authority. Vermont business owners and taxpayers are being economically damaged using unclear dictates, for too long a time.

Klar explains that even Executive Orders must comply with the Constitution, that important constitutional rights (travel, operating one’s trade or business) have been compromised by Governor Scott’s various Executive Orders because they are vague in purpose and implementation. Attorney Klar carefully observes that he is not addressing the timing of when people should return to normalcy -- he is legally questioning the extent and appropriateness of Governor Phil Scott’s use of gubernatorial power.

Would-be Governor Klar insists:

Vermont is in turmoil, and economic peril. Especially in such times, and with the stakes so extremely high, Governor Scott is not empowered to ignore the constitutional restraints which exist to protect inalienable rights like those being compromised in this crisis.

Klar complains that the Governor’s Orders have been vague and unclear, and that citizens were told COVID-19 policies were implemented to “flatten the curve,” which has now been achieved. “Government must define clearly the basis for its exercise of power -- Has the goal shifted?,” Klar asks. “Are we now “preventing the curve”? “Indefinitely postponing the curve”? Citizens have a right to know.”