Scott Challenger Klar Demands Primary Debates

A defiant Klar at the State House in Montpelier, Vermont

Brookfield, Vermont, May 29, 2020: Republican candidate for Governor John Klar contacted incumbent Governor Phil Scott on May 22 to insist upon public debates during the 2020 Vermont Republican Primary. In his appeal to Governor Scott, John Klar requested as his “single term” of engagement between them that a series of three debates be held, concluding: “If you fail to respond to this reasonable request by Tuesday (5/26), I will assume you refuse debates and I will proceed as my team and I deem most beneficial to have our insurgent voices heard.”

Governor Scott instead responded by his May 28 public announcement that he was running for reelection -- without campaigning. Klar contends this odd launch is Governor Scott’s effort to subvert an electoral process already compromised by COVID-19 and his unilateral executive edicts, by silencing competing voices.

Klar insists that Vermont’s economy is a huge priority for Vermonters’ futures, and that debates would allow the two candidates to present their proposals to voters. Klar has a bold plan to shrink expenses, trim waste, and nurture farms and businesses; Phil Scott’s economic record consists of paying $10,000 to out-of-staters to relocate, and his recent proposal to legalize keno and sports betting. These must be presented to voters!

In running for any political office, Vermonters are demonstrating that life must return to normal -- Constitutional, free elections. That is what is normal for liberty, and must not be compromised under any circumstance. Phil Scott conducts six hours weekly of COVID Press Conferences, but says he cannot engage in ten hours of debates in the course of an entire election Primary. Klar says “Hogwash.”