Public Demonstration to Support Vermont Police October 17 in Barre


Brookfield, Vermont, October 15, 2020: A group of concerned Vermonters is hosting a “Support the Police” rally in City Hall Park in Barre on Saturday, October 17, from 10a-noon.

This demonstration to DEFEND honest police will commence with a public recitation of the United States Pledge of Allegiance, the singing of our National Anthem, and some brief words of encouragement and appreciation for first responders and law enforcement.

Civilized societies restrain criminals from harming the general public: no method exists to enforce such laws without “law enforcement officers.” This is a nonpartisan tenet, basic to the “Rule of Law,” the preservation of “law and order,” and the exercise of civil rights.

Saturday’s event is more than a police support rally -- it is an exercise of Vermonters’ civil right to express their support for their public servants. Previous efforts to express support for the police have been interrupted by those who would deprive Vermonters not only of police protection, but of Free Speech.

We will exercise our god-given right to an opinion on Saturday, to speak loudly in support of veterans, police officers and first responders -- whether Democrat or Republican.