Klar Hosts Frederick Douglass Republican Founder, K. Carl Smith

K. Carl Smith

Brookfield, Vermont, July 14, 2020: Gubernatorial candidate, John Klar, will host Frederick Douglass Republican founder, K. Carl Smith, at the Mendon Vermont Inn, for a conversation about race, the Constitution, and the tension between the slogans “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter.” K. Carl Smith is a well-informed and engaging speaker, and the night promises to be both educational and inspiring. The zoom conference begins at 5:00 PM. and this initial conversation with engagement strategy expert, K. Carl, is by invitation only.

The chosen title for this venue is “Frederick Douglass vs Uncle Tom: A 2020 Perspective on Racial Equality in America.” Leveraging the life and writings of Frederick Douglass, America's greatest American Dream story, K. Carl has crisscrossed America for 11 years, spreading his unifying message, and creating common ground for all Americans to embrace. Mr. Smith has created a well-respected package of training materials (which attendees will have access to), to equip those who seek to understand and implement the “Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Strategy" with the compelling tools to foster nurturing conversations in these volatile times. In addition to the stated topic, K. Carl will be pleased to interact with the audience, fielding questions and concerns. This event will be recorded, and made available for release to the public.