Klar Demands GWSA Veto


Brookfield, Vermont, June 26, 2020: Republican candidate for Governor John Klar today demanded that Vermont Governor Phil Scott veto H688, the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA). Governor Scott has proposed numerous changes to this ambitious bill, all of which have been rejected by the Legislature.

John Klar is an attorney, and alleges that Governor Scott is failing to uphold Vermont’s constitutional structures and preserve the vitally important separation of powers. A Governor who simply capitulates with the opposition on all issues, is no longer defending the Vermont voters or their liberties.

Klar has issued a detailed condemnation of the extremist violations of government power contained in the GWSA, which also relates his concerns that Governor Scott has embraced rather than resisted nearly every progressive initiative which progressives have presented. Klar demands that Governor Scott draw the line at the shabby and unconstitutional GWSA.

Vermont must focus on imminent economic threats, and hold off on transforming Vermont’s 2050 carbon footprint until citizens know more about their state’s future financial health. If the Legislature cannot fathom this, our Governor must make it plain.