Klar Calls for Coronavirus Relief Funds for Farmers


Brookfield, Vermont, May 14, 2020: Republican candidate for Governor John Klar has issued a request for ample provision for Vermont’s dairy farmers from the $1.25 billion in Coronavirus Relief Funds being provided to Vermont by the federal government.

In an analysis which compares the size and impact of dairy farming in New Hampshire versus Vermont, Klar emphasizes that Vermont should provide more, not less, relief to its farmers than neighboring New Hampshire under the allotted Relief Funds.

Farmers -- especially dairy farmers -- are suffering the brunt of the economic losses caused by the pandemic. The CARES Act is intended to provide relief for losses caused by this pandemic, and so a fair consideration of farms and other businesses must be included in the dispensation of funds. Governor Scott must speak up for the farmers and small businesses, so that they may endure this crisis and continue their contribution to the Vermont economy.

Klar’s commentary, which discusses New Hampshire’s plans to distribute $5 million in Coronavirus Relief Funds to its 90 dairy farms, is posted at KLAR2020.com.